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A long story short

Once upon a time there was a flower sack Flowersack1.png that wanted to spread the joy of its flowers Blomst0030.png throughout the world.
Meanwhile at the Oil tower Oilie tårn0025.png "someone" was unhappy with the situation. "After all the only good flower is a stained flower", was the thoughts of the Oil barrel OilBarrel001.png.
So it ventured into the world to cover the surface in beautiful black oil ThePatch0030.png.

Introduction to the game

Klimakonflikt is a really fast and addictive game for 2 players. Since the game can easily shift don't feel too sure of your victory and relax a bit, because suddenly you can loose very fast.

As a player you control either the Oil Barrel or the Flower sack. As you fill the board with either oil stains or flowers your opponent does the same. If you have the lowest number of tiles filled your health drops, and it drops faster if you're far behind.

You have a maximum of 10 flowers or 10 oil stains but can refill at the Oiltower and at the wheelbarrow WheelBarrel.png.

Meanwhile the fire's ild0004.png rage and if you are so unfortunate to encounter one of the 2 fire's your ammo (the oil stains or flowers) drops to zero.

Go to the Documentation Tab to read more, or download it now

There is also an experimental Silverlight edition, but it needs huge optimizations to run smoothly.

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